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Are Dyson repairs suitable for older models?

Dyson repairs cover new and older models. The technicians top goal is to repair your vacuum cleaner to a functioning condition again.

How quick is the Dyson repair service?

Nearly all Dyson repairs are completed within 3-5 business days. Express courier service is included, to ensure your item can be quickly and securely transported between your home and the service centre.

Do Dyson repairs include warranties?

Yes, all completed Dyson repairs include a warranty. This covers the parts replaced (if needed) and gives you reassurance that the repair has been completed to a professional standard.

What happens if my Dyson is beyond economic repair?

This is a very rare circumstance for Dyson repair but if the vacuum cleaner cannot be repaired, a replacement can be offered (subject to availability).

Dyson Repairs

White Goods Pros offers Dyson repairs, that covers old and new models at a low cost. The service provided has national coverage as every repair includes collection and delivery as standard.

Popular models which can be repaired include DC01, DC02, DC03, DC04, DC05, DC07, DC40, DC41 and DC42 to name but a few examples.

The technicians identify faults in your Dyson vacuum cleaner before replacing any damaged parts. They successfully complete most Dyson repairs within 3-5 working days. Every Dyson repair is conducted at a service centre, using replacement components.

Customer service is the technicians top priority, and a warranty is provided as well.

Arrange a Dyson repair by completing the online. A customer service adviser will respond to your enquiry shortly by email or phone.

White Goods Pros is not associated with Dyson. All repairs are offered by independent professionals.

Dyson repairs

Dyson Vacuum Repair

If you require a Dyson repair that covers a vacuum cleaner which is broken, defective, or in need of a service, the technicians can help. They offer Dyson repairs at a fully equipped service centre.

The team provide Dyson repairs, for a wide variety of faults, including:

• Belt replacement
• Burning smells
• Whistling noise
• Cable repair
• Cylinder motor repair
• Filter replacement
• Loss of suction

Whatever the fault, the team will aim to complete your Dyson repair within just 3-5 working days. The technicians provide a transparently priced and honest service. Included in the Dyson repair is a warranty so you can rest assured that repair is of a high standard.

Speak to a member of the customer service team today regarding Dyson repair. Simply fill out the enquiry form to request a call back.

Recent Enquires

dyson city. I believe the vacuum is overheating, can this be looked in to?the vacuum works fine to begin with, I am able to vacuum downstairs of the house. when I go upstairs and plug in the vacuum it doesn`t turn on. I have left it for an hour as I thought it was overheating and went back and it worked. this has happened twice now within the last week. at first I thought it was my plug sockets upstairs but I don`t think it is. any advice and help would be appreciated.thank you


i have a dyson v11 and the trigger switch seems to have stopped working �€“either a spring or connection? �€“ any idea of roughly how much it might cost for you to fix it please? thank you


dyson svo3 stopped working looks like not charging? please advise cost of service and replacement battery pack?


dyson v10 animalmotor not workingcleaned the filter and attached while still wet, water got into the motor now not working.


dyson v7 motor is pulsatingthen cutting out after 10 seconds.needs servicing and replacementfilter cone.


v10 absolute .dyson is working but i`m having to change the filter every other day as the filter light is coming on after a short time of using the machine. it`s pulsating if I try to use the high intensity suction.


dyson x robot left side track not working i�€™ve got the part just needs taking apart and replacing


my ball type dyson won`t pick up with the extension accessories, I think it has a blockage somewhere but not in the bits I can get into


dyson v10 animal - not kicking up and showing as bloked


brush does not go round. have followed dyson video and reset the head but does not spin. suspect clutch. model dc24 mutifloor


we have a dyson v6 absolute and the adapter mechanism where you attach the heads is loose or broken


dyson v7 only holds charge for a couple of minutes